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What is a Family Hope Center?

An innovative model that strengthens families and gives them hope

Children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect or poverty typically go into the foster care system. 

But we realized vulnerable children almost always come from vulnerable families. In many cases, that means these children are placed into the child welfare system.

The children we serve needed an answer that would best protect them by preserving their families. 

Family preservation = hope

We came up with an innovative model that helps strengthen families … and bring them hope. Buckner Family Hope Centers seek to keep families together by providing them with critical services, aid and coaching to keep them strong, while also decreasing the likelihood of abuse, neglect and the removal of their children.

Child-centered, family focused

Our Family Hope Centers are child-centered, family-focused places where families go to find hope, support and empowerment in their community to reach their fullest God-given potential.

The key to the Family Hope Center's success is found in combining effective programs and passionate people to help families that are experiencing poverty, family issues and a lack of services. 

The best way to help families comes in three packages 

We call them the three "E's" of our Family Hope Centers' success:

  • Our programs seek to engage families through assistance and community events
  • We equip families through education, financial empowerment, child and youth development and spiritual development
  • We seek to elevate families through family coaching, counseling and spiritual enrichment

Our international Family Hope Centers also have schools, medical clinics and water wells to meet the very basic needs of families who live nearby. 

Family Hope Centers offer hope, support and empowerment

Through the Family Hope Center model, families and children:

  • learn care and respect for self and others
  • discover talents and opportunities
  • become servant leaders
  • break poverty cycles through education and jobs

Because of Buckner Family Hope Centers, families become strong and their children live in a safe environment. 

That is how God intended families to be. 

Want to help a vulnerable family in your community? Find many opportunties to serve and walk along a family in need at our Volunteer Central. 

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