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Where is your home?

I moved into a new house this week; it’s my 10th home in 18 years of adult life. My “new” house is old and full of stories. Layers of paint colors and original windows that are not in their original places hint at the stories that were lived out here. 

For years, as I moved from place to place, there has been a mirror somewhere in my house with the same words written on it: “Lord, through all generations you have been our home.”

The 90th Psalm was written by Moses just after the return of the 12 spies sent to explore Canaan. The story of their report and the Israelites’ response is recorded in Numbers 14. The people of Israel began crying out in fear that they should have stayed in Egypt. The Lord replied to their grumbling by letting them know they would be spending some extra time – 40 years – out in that wilderness, and Moses wrote this psalm about the goodness of God extending beyond generations and before the foundations of the earth.

I first remember reading Psalm 90 one morning while I was trying to multi-task by reading the Bible on my lap and drying my hair at the same time. In my mid-20s I was feeling unsettled after a series of college dorms, roommates and apartments. Home, in my mind, was a place where you stayed put; it came with peace, stability and shelter from the outside world. You have been our home: this verse specifically said that home wasn’t a place at all and God was the home of all generations. 

At the end of moving day, I dug through still-unpacked boxes to find a dry-erase marker and headed for my bathroom mirror. I’m grateful for the gift of a new house and hopeful for the memories to be made here, but it all pales in comparison to abiding in Christ, my better home.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High God will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’” – Psalm 91:1-2

Written by Susan Williams, development communications manager at Buckner International.


Dr Thom says:
What a fascinating story, Susan....your 10th home in your 18 adult span. Captivating. You have inspired me to trace my Dwellings Trail... And Psalm 91.1-2. Memorable. Give my love to Dr Albert/Belinda and all the Buckner family. You are on my prayers continually. What a joy to dwell in the house of the Most High God, the Almighty, the Lord, my God, who has, in Jesus, given all of us the Spirit of adoption, ❤ Dr Thom University Institute New Delhi | Los Angeles

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