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Why senior adults are our superheroes

When you look up the term “superhero” in the dictionary, this is the definition you’ll find:

A hero, especially in children’s comic books and television cartoons, possessing extraordinary, often magical powers

Didn’t we all want to be, or at least to meet, these characters when we were young? We hung posters in our rooms, plastered stickers on our folders and packed superhero-shaped fruit snacks in our lunchboxes.

The irony? We were, and are, surrounded by superheroes far more real than the spandex-clad figures on the cereal boxes.

The superheroes around us have saved lives, used their unique talents to serve others, and made sacrifices to create a better world.

Veterans like Puett Willcox risked their lives and endured prison to protect entire countries.

Teachers like Betty Nellius taught children to believe in themselves and never give up.

Engineers like Roger Owens created technological innovations we couldn’t imagine living without today.

Politicians like Evelyn Lord changed expectations and paved the way for a generation of female leaders.

And, like only the most cunning superheroes, they did so quietly.

When you meet these and other senior adults at Buckner senior living communities, they won’t offer to sign your baseball cap or to kiss your babies. They probably won’t be wearing leotards either.

But they are our superheroes nonetheless.

Senior adults are our superheroes because they remind us what’s most important in life, they teach through example rather than lecture, and they refuse to back down when faced with trials.

On April 28, National Superhero Day, join the team here at Buckner Retirement Services in thanking the senior adults in your life for being the superheroes we always wanted to be. 

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