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Working together to serve

TBM group saves Camp Buckner over $20k by providing construction skills

Throughout the year, foster care families, church groups, and more find rest and relaxation at Camp Buckner. Nestled in the Texas hill country, Camp Buckner is an easy place to slow down and enjoy a different pace. But the lower-priority items of maintenance on the expansive camp can be expensive and time-consuming.

Texas Baptist Men provides just the sort of services Camp Buckner needs and answered the call without hesitation.

Buckner International and TBM signed a memorandum of understanding in January 2020, announcing a launch of further collaboration to serve vulnerable children and families across Texas together. TBM’s unique ability to provide construction services coupled beautifully with the need to update spaces at Camp Buckner.

In November, more than 15 builders and their wives worked side-by-side over the course of three weeks to enhance multiple spaces of the camp. 

Faith Hall, the main conference area of Camp Buckner, received a face lift with new wooden railings and wire paneling. This opened the view available from the deck to the wide-open hill country, as well as added access to additional seating.

In the Camp Buckner administration office, engineered beams were installed to replace a dividing wall, expanding the space to offer more space for future guests. This building also received updated wood and wired panel railings, removing the hiding places for wasps and yellow jackets that so often ruin the seating area. 

“TBM does high quality work, always,” said Albert Reyes, president and CEO of Buckner International. “Their craftsmanship and high-level quality carry an unmatched value that contributes to our needs so we can use funds in ways that match our mission. This is the best of both worlds in terms of Kingdom stewardship.”

Over the three weeks, the builders worked 880 hours. 

“With an average highly-skilled cost of $30 an hour, their labor would have cost Camp Buckner $26,400,” shared Phil Brinkmeyer, senior director of international operations at Buckner. “This is likely work we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish without them.”

While the men tore down dividing walls and built new railings, the women didn’t miss out on a serving opportunity either. They created items to send to children and families Buckner serves in international countries. 

“The work by this group was approached in a true spirit of service and humility as they worked to serve God,” Brinkmeyer said. “Every task was done prayerfully with a mind to serve.”

Through these updates, Camp Buckner can rent out additional spaces, increasing revenue to pour back into other Buckner ministries. 

“The camp is starting the new year looking bright and clean, and even more well-maintained than ever before,” shared Todd Long, director of Camp Buckner. “The service of TBM frees up our budget so we can offer help to further the ministry to vulnerable families.”

The collaboration between Buckner and TBM is built on a mutual foundation of Christian values, and both are looking forward to continued ways to work together. 

“I could not be more pleased with how Buckner and TBM are working together,” Reyes shared. “We’re holding up a model of collaboration between two Christ-centered ministries working together for the benefit of others with the goal of bringing the Kingdom near in real and tangible ways; the love of Christ in action.” 

Find your escape to the Texas Hill Country – Camp Buckner is the place you want to be.


June Martin says:
I live on the Buckner Villas campus, independent living apt bldg. GreenRidge, Austin, and did not know about Camp Buckner. I am also a member of Hyde Park Baptist Church, but can no longer attend. I attend worship service here in our Community Room and livestream HYBC services each Sunday. WHAT a blessing to read about the collaberation between Buckner and TBM!!!! Thank you

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