Zapotec Children Receive New Shoes

By Analiz G. Schremmer

OAXACA, Mexico — In baggies that read, “Cobijando sus Pasos” or “Blanketing your Steps,” 247 Zapotec children in Oaxaca, Mexico received new shoes in December.

An additional 1,326 pairs were distributed to children throughout the country, said Dexton Shores, director of ministry development.

“Of the 1,326 pairs, 219 were collected in the first national shoe drive in Mexico. Nineteen Mexican churches participated,” he added.

Shores said most of the children who received new shoes participate in Buckner programs in Mexico, including community centers and foster group homes. It was the first pair of new shoes most of the children had ever received.

“In addition to supplying the basic need of protecting and covering their feet, this gave hope and joy they had never experienced,” Shores said.

“For the children in the Zapotec village, these were the first tennis shoes they ever owned, as most only have had sandals. They were overcome with emotion that someone would give them brand new shoes.”

Shores said a pair of shoes was equivalent to four or five days of wages for the Zapotec people. “A family of four children would have to give three weeks of wages to buy four new pairs of shoes.

“They were visibly moved by the personal notes and photos they found in their shoes from the donors and could not believe that a complete stranger cared enough about them to send them shoes,” he added.

To help provide shoes for children around the world, visit or call 1-866-774-SHOE.



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