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Buckner Retirement Services encourages Texans to write letters to senior adults

Help bring love and joy to the residents who live at Buckner Retirement Communities. Buckner is asking for letters, stories or drawings to be mailed to residents to keep their spirits high during this time of social distancing.

The six Buckner communities include Buckner Villas in Austin, Parkway Place in Houston, Ventana by Buckner in Dallas, Calder Woods in Beaumont, Westminster Place in Longview, and Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo.

In order to mitigate risk to senior adults, considered one of the most vulnerable populations during the spread of COVID-19, Buckner implemented a restricted visitation policy that adheres to guidelines and recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Read the updated policy here.

According to the National Institutes of Health, COVID-19 can only live on a porous surface, such as cardboard or paper, for up to 24 hours. Therefore, Buckner communities will follow a strict safety procedure when receiving letters. Incoming mail will be isolated for a minimum of 48 hours before distribution. Receipt of the mail will be completely optional for residents.

Only paper mail fitting in traditional envelopes will be received; packages containing goods and products will not be accepted for the safety of the residents. Letters can be addressed to any of the following: 

Inspiring Happiness c/o Ventana by Buckner 
8301 N Central Expy.; Dallas, TX 75225

Inspiring Happiness c/o Buckner Parkway Place 
1321 Park Bayou Dr.; Houston, TX 77077

Inspiring Happiness c/o GreenRidge at Buckner Villas
11110 Tom Adams Dr., Bldg. A.; Austin, TX 78753

Inspiring Happiness c/o Buckner Westminster Place
2201 Horseshoe Ln.; Longview, TX 75605

San Angelo: 
Inspiring Happiness c/o Baptist Retirement Community
902 N Main St.; San Angelo, TX 76903

Inspiring Happiness c/o Buckner Calder Woods
7080 Calder Ave.; Beaumont, TX 77706

Email correspondences to Buckner chaplains will be printed out and delivered to residents: Ventana (dmann@buckner.org), Parkway Place (jbender@buckner.org), Buckner Villas (kharpster@buckner.org), Westminster Place (rwebb@buckner.org), Baptist Retirement Community (kevin@buckner.org), Calder Woods (dcarpenter@buckner.org).

In lieu of current limited visitation procedures, Buckner team members are coming up with a variety of ways to help residents communicate with their loved ones. The methods include technology stations, portable televisions for video conferencing, social media, phone calls and more.

“Keeping our residents safe during these unprecedented times is always our priority, but we will not ignore how important the power of communication and love is for their wellbeing,” said Charlie Wilson, senior vice president of Buckner Retirement Services. “I am constantly impressed by the creativity and tenacity our team members are showing in order to keep our residents connected to their family.

“Beyond our residents’ family and friends, many Texans throughout the state have reached out to learn ways they can show their support for senior adults while respecting the need to keep them safe. Writing letters to our residents will mean more to them than I can ever express.”

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