To kick off 2016, we’re asking the Buckner family to pray for specific ministries. This week, we're focusing on the Family Hope Center at Wynnewood, which serves impoverished communities in South Dallas. The start of a new year is a time when the Hope Center receives many new clients looking to change their lives, making it a crucial time for prayer.

Please pray:

• A spiritual revival would take place in the Wynnewood community. May people fall in love with God and passionately pursue a relationship with him. In the process, may their hurting hearts be healed.
• Students in the Hope Center’s afterschool program would work hard in school, remain diligent in growing as people and focus on their relationship with Christ.
• Hope Center staff members would continue to find unique and creative ways to transform lives. Special efforts this spring include a health fair for seniors, a fatherhood program, ESL classes, literacy classes, family strengthening programs and all of the vocational training classes.
• Hope Center staff members would make divine connections, multiplying ministry in 2016.


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