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Save the date for North Texas Giving Day! 
You can make a difference on September 21 from 6:00am-midnight by bringing hope to vulnerable children and families like in North Texas. 

A few years ago, LaSherrell Hayes had never dreamed she'd own her own house. As a single mother, the idea of home ownership or even a savings account seemed so out of reach. 

Hayes was going to school, but she was dangerously close to dropping out. She felt the pressure to provide for her daughter, but didn't know how she could continue to work, go to school and navigate difficult living situations.

She needed help and she needed help fast. That's when she found Buckner Family Pathways®. The program not only helped her gain immediate housing, but it gave her resources and guidance to life skills and financial principals, such as building a budget and saving money.

"Buckner was everything it needed to be," Hayes said. "It trained my mind to continue to survive in a more healthy way. They gave me the blueprint."

Because of the training and resources she received at Family Pathways, today Hayes is a college graduate, working as a special education teacher in a Dallas school, and owns her own three-bedroom, two-bathroom home.

"I don't know that I would be right here, right now, had I not went through it," Hayes said about going through the Family Pathways program.

Family Pathways set her up for success.

From day one, Hayes applied herself to the rigorous program requirements, even though sometimes it was challenging. Each person in the program is expected to attend monthly meetings, participate in financial workshops and therapy sessions, maintain a certain GPA and build their savings account.

"It was overwhelming, but it was worth it." Hayes said. "They knew what they were talking about. Buckner Family Pathways took the stress away from so many things. I began to heal and grow as a person, mother and student. My baby and I both benefited from mental services. Buckner catered to the needs of our whole individual beings."

That is why Buckner is here, to care for vulnerable children and families in their time of need. But we can't do it alone. 

With your financial support through North Texas Giving Day, you will provide single parent families with:

  • Affordable housing in a supportive community setting
  • Subsidized childcare to free parents up for work and study 
  • Education and mentoring through vocational training or degree-level studies to increase employment opportunities and income
  • Counseling and life-skills training to give families emotional and pratical resilience

Help us shine more hope into families like LaSherrell's today.

Why Should I Give on North Texas Giving Day?

Buckner International will receive a percentage of bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas based on how many funds we raise. By giving on North Texas Giving Day, you're helping your donation go even further to help protect children and strengthen families in North Texas. 

Mark your calendars to make a difference today!

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