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The people we serve in Lufkin have a face, and they have a name. Lindsay has recovered from alcohol and drug abuse, and she's trying to earn a degree while caring for her 9-year-old daughter so she won't face the same hardships Lindsay did. Alexis has been shuffled in and out of multiple foster homes in her young life and is available for adoption, desperately seeking the stability of a loving, Christian home. Amy has graduated out of foster care but without a support system, she's unsure of how to get an apartment or apply for a job, let alone go to college.

We offer a wide variety of services to children, families and single parents in the Lufkin area with the goal of building the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life and fulfill their God-given potential.

When you volunteer with Buckner in Lufkin, you will meet people like Lindsay, Alexis and Amy. You will minister to them and pray with them. Their stories will impact your soul. The Buckner ministry is unlike any other.

In Lufkin, we provide:

Foster care and adoption

Buckner provides the training and resources needed to become a family to a child for a season through foster care or a forever family through domestic foster care or adoption. Children in these programs are most often referred through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services due to experiencing abuse, neglect or abandonment. We also respond to mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with counseling and support. Learn more here. For more information, call 936-637-3300.

Buckner Family Pathways®

We provide single-parent families the opportunity to live in a safe, secure environment while completing their educational or vocational goals and learning the skills they need to be self-sufficient. Families are provided support through access to affordable housing, financial assistance, counseling, spiritual growth and case management services. Call 936-637-3300 to learn more about this life-changing ministry.

Foster Youth Aging Out Services 

Our support programs are provided for current and former youth in state foster care. The goal of the aging out program is to provide training, support and guidance to youth graduating from foster care that will enhance their ability to transition into independent living. 

Did you know you can volunteer one time, once a week or once a month to change the life of a vulnerable child in Lufkin? Check out Volunteer Central and find out how!

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