Serving in a different culture requires a lot of preparation - spiritually and practically. We want you to be ready to experience God firsthand through Buckner ministries when you travel, so we've compiled all the resources you need in one central location. Personalized materials will be sent to you via email after you register for your trip.

Begin your planning with the Buckner Missions travel guide, a comprehensive booklet that helps with planning, learning about the culture you will be serving in and preparing your heart for your trip. For Apple phones and tablets, click here to download the travel guide through the Buckner Today app. Android users can download the Buckner Today app in the Google Play store by clicking here.

To further assist you with your planning efforts, Buckner Missions provides a planning guide. Click here to access it.

For many people, fundraising can be one of the more daunting challenges to going on your mission trip. But it doesn't have to be. We've seen God provide, time and again, the financial resources needed to serve where he is calling you.

To make it easier, we've created a digital fundraising guide to help you better understand what fundraising is, some ideas of how to do it and where to start. Get this invaluable piece below:

Buckner International offers a limited number of scholarships to students who feel called to serve with Project Go but need financial help. Contact Buckner Missions at or 214-388-1442 for more information.
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• Passport and visa service:
• Immunizations: or
• U.S. and international information:

Safety information
Buckner International constantly monitors the safety of our destination countries and will make any adjustments necessary to protect our trip participants. Typically our teams stay in hotels and/or guest houses, eat in local restaurants, and utilize private transportation companies that the local staff recommends.

Because of the unstable conditions in some countries where we travel, if Buckner decides it is unsafe to travel, we will refund 100 percent of what you have paid or transfer your funds to another trip. This may include: natural disasters, political unrest or any other circumstances that may threaten the safety of our trip participants. It is also important to remember that the world is unsafe and signing up to volunteer on a mission trip involves some risk, but we will do everything within our power to make wise choices regarding the safety and security of our teams.

Terms and conditions

Background check:
In order to ensure client’s protection and determine eligibility to travel with Buckner, we require all travelers 15 and older to complete a criminal background check. The results of your background check are confidential and all personal information is encrypted and secure.

Important information:
Buckner International reserves the right to adjust or alter any plans when necessary for the protection, safety or improvement of the travel itinerary, or when local conditions do not allow for previously arranged itinerary to happen. When necessary changes occur, Buckner will work with each volunteer to determine the costs associated with itinerary and travel adjustments. Buckner International reserves the right to accept or deny participants’ application at its sole discretion.

Reservations, deposits, and payment: All reservations must be made through the Buckner mission trip application process, with a designated nonrefundable deposit payment. Reservations will not be accepted by telephone.

Short-term trips:
Final and full payment for international trips must be postmarked 30 days before trip. If final payment is not postmarked by that date, you risk losing your reservation. Remember that space is limited, so it is important that your final payment is made on time and your reservation is early.

Project Go and long-term volunteers:
Application fees, confirmation deposits and payments are due according to the deadlines listed on the application and website. If payments are not received according to schedule, you risk losing your reservation. Scholarship recipients are not exempt from any fees or deposits.

Cancellation penalties: All cancellations must be received in writing, either by mail, email or fax. Upon your cancellation you will pay the non-refundable deposit, plus any costs related to airfare, and any additional fees Buckner has incurred. All airline ticket fares, fees and penalties are the responsibility of the mission trip volunteer. Typically, all airfare is non-refundable and non-transferrable; please ask your mission coordinator about purchasing travel cancellation insurance when booking your ticket. The Missions staff will work with you and the airline to assist you in obtaining your airline credit information in the event of a cancellation, but Buckner is not responsible for your ticket cost or any other fees charged by the airline.

Paperwork and forms:
During the application process, you will be required to sign all mandatory forms listed on the application. Altering these forms, as well as failure to sign and return them to Missions office, will result in having your trip registration cancelled.

A passport is required for all travel outside of the United States. To obtain a passport, go to Please ensure your passport is valid and does not expire within 6 months of your departure date.

Raising support:
When seeking donations for trip costs, supporters must be aware that their donations are not specifically for an individual participant, but to the general total group costs. All donations given by supporters are tax deductible as long as “it is established that the gift is intended by the donor for the use of the organization and not as a gift to an individual” according to Section 170(a) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Buckner has complete control over the distribution of funds in order to maintain the best interest of the program and ministry. A letter and tax receipt will be sent to donors thanking them for supporting mission work.

Refund policy:
All deposits are nonrefundable as are any costs Buckner has incurred on the behalf of a trip participant including, but not limited to, airfare.

If donations given by supporters exceed the total amount to be raised by a participant, the overage will be applied toward a general scholarship fund to benefit other mission trip volunteers. No refunds will be issued if an overage occurs. No tax deductible gifts are refundable; therefore, if a participant cancels their trip, no refunds will be issued. Buckner International is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Payments by volunteers or for a dependent trip volunteer:
Buckner adheres to IRS regulations in regards to what is deemed deductible. IRS regulations require that the deductible contribution amount contains only those costs directly related to the days in which more than 50% of the time was dedicated to volunteer services. When an individual participant pays in full for the total trip cost, the following items are NOT considered tax deductible items:
– Leisure and recreational activities (ex: safari or side trips)
– Excessive expenditures (ex: paying for a single room)
– High airfare costs (ex: first class ticket or purchasing last-minute airfare)
– Non-refundable deposit

If a participant chooses to stay longer than the specified mission trip dates for the purpose of personal pleasure, recreation or vacation and incurs hotel or transportation expense as a result, these expenses must be paid for separately. These expenses are not considered charitable and will not be included in the tax receipt.

Please consult your personal tax advisor with respect to tax deductions. Buckner Foundation will issue receipts for charitable contributions by mail or e-mail; for questions regarding tax deductible contribution receipts, contact Buckner at 214-758-8000.

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