Texas orphan crisis

There are 111,820 children in the United States waiting to be adopted. There are nearly 30,000 kids in the Texas foster care system. More than 7,000 children in Texas are waiting to be adopted.

Once you know about the orphan crisis, you can’t unknow it.

How you and your church can support foster care and children waiting for adoption in Texas

Thinking about foster care and adoption can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve never considered foster care or adopting a child in Texas, or you don’t know what’s involved to help overcome the Texas orphan crisis.

Here are some ways you can help and/or get your church involved to solve the orphan crisis:

Texas foster care

Children in the Texas foster care system didn’t choose to be there. They need stability, a safe place to call home and a family to meet them where they are emotionally. Some of these children just need time for their biological families to become stable so they can return home.

Some of these children will not be able to return to their biological families and will need a loving family to adopt them. The greatest need is for families to provide foster care for children 12 and up or sibling groups. Answer the call to foster a child.

Texas domestic adoption

Never considered adopting a child? The crisis isn’t improving because everyone assumes someone else will fix the problem. If you feel led to adopt, consider foster-to-adopt, a Texas waiting child, an older child (12 to 18) or a sibling group. These are the children who most need families and are often overlooked.

If you feel called to open your heart to adoption, we’d love to pray for you and be the organization that helps your family throughout the process. Answer the call to adopt a child.

Respite care for foster and adoption families in Texas

Once a child is adopted, the family isn’t immediately seeing rainbows and roses. Adoption is hard. It’s an adjustment. It requires training, patience and time for a family to learn its new normal.

If you don’t feel called to be a foster or adoptive family but you want to help one who is, providing much-needed and much-appreciated respite care to those families is in great need. Answer the call to provide respite relief. 

Financial support for foster care and adoption

While the love of a family is what children need most, financial support helps provide services to those who answer the call and go through the adoption process. Answer the call to donate and help vulnerable children.


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Answer the call. Help us transform the lives of vulnerable children in Texas.


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