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In San Antonio, families are struggling to make ends meet. Buckner is actively pursuing opportunities to open a Buckner Family Hope Center® in this vulnerable area to help families and children experience self-sufficiency, aid and resources, and most of all – hope.

With a population of more than 1.4 million, San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States. 

The annual living wage for a family of four is $60,000 - but this is twice as much as the federal poverty guidelines for a family of the same size. Almost 20% of Bexar county residents live in households earning less than the federal poverty level. More than half of the jobs in San Antonio don't meet this income threshold. 

San Antonio stats


Among these families, more than half are single-parent households and the median income for females with full-time jobs is $23,350. Add in the strain of child care, weekly groceries and just attempting to make ends meet, the stress can manifest into harmful or even violent behaviors.

With the addition of a Family Hope Center, families and children will have access to:

  • Community events
  • Adult education such as ESL, parenting and life skills
  • Financial empowerment opportunities through vocational training and other classes
  • After-school programs and summer programs
  • Family coaching, counseling and spiritual enrichment

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