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Buckner combats addiction during COVID-19 pandemic with virtual meetings

Buckner Family Hope Centers are designed to engage, equip and elevate families toward success. Their mission is preventative, and in order to truly strengthen families, Family Hope Center staff and coaches work to eliminate the barriers to success.

For some families the barrier is finances; for some, it is education; and for others, it’s a constant battle with addiction.

Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, addiction experts are concerned the feelings of isolation will contribute to major cases of relapse amongst addicts. This is why the team at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Reed Road in South Houston is working with Ambassadors for Christ Youth Ministry to help serve those in addiction recovery virtually. 

To foster a community of support while adhering to social distancing procedures, Buckner is hosting weekly addiction recovery classes via Zoom. Family Hope Center Director, Dior Burns, said the continuation of these meetings virtually is a way to remind clients of tools they can use when feeling triggered by events in their lives. 

“Staying committed to addiction recovery during this time is more difficult because many families are dealing with extra stress and pressures they are not used to handling,” Burns said. “Virtual video chat meetings support and encourage clients by assuring them they are not alone in their journey. When they see others with similar struggles, they feel more comfortable being vulnerable with the group.”

The group facilitator with Ambassadors for Christ Youth Ministry, Kathy Griffin, said the virtual meetings are successful in maintaining productive recovery paths for clients. Griffin said the group members are committed to changing their lives and are making the best of the current situation. 

“If a person commits to changing their life, nothing will stand in their way,” Griffin said. “The clients understand the importance of the meetings and are working hard to turn from old ways. Buckner and Ambassadors for Christ are working together to build up these families and help them become as strong as they can be.”

Through programs such as virtual recovery meetings in times of distress and uncertainty, Buckner is able help those breaking free from the confines of addiction find hope and lead a healthy life.

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