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Celebrate National Read Across America Day

Top books about foster care for children

It’s National Read Across America Day and we are all about reading! Maybe you’ve wanted to pick up a new book or thought about gathering the kids for nightly story time, now is the perfect time to start.

Whether you're personally involved in foster care or know someone who is, this list has you covered. No matter where your foster family is in their journey, there is a book for someone. 

Below we're sharing some of our favorite books to entertain and help children in your life understand what foster care is as well as dive into love, emotions and skills like patience and resilience.

  • The Invisible String – This heartwarming picture book explores the concept of connection and love, even when physically apart. Through simple storytelling and bright illustrations, it's a comforting reminder that we're all connected for children who are experiencing separation anxiety and loss. There is also a Spanish edition.
  • Broken Crayons Still Color – Little kids may have big feelings, and this fun story serves as a guide for kids struggling with big emotions and insecurities. Wonderfully creative and engaging, this book can help children cope with their emotions, embrace creativity and understand the transformative power of faith. It also includes an emotion color chart for children to help identify and express their feelings.
  • Miss Maple's Seeds – Celebrating the beauty of nature and magic of growth, this story not only captures the wonder of the natural world, but also imparts valuable lessons about patience, resilience and the importance of community. 
  • It's Okay to Wonder – For biological children experiencing the journey of opening their home to foster placements, there's a book for them too. The first of a three-book series, this story guides kids through the foster care training process along with tackling the honest emotions a child might feel as their parents open their home to foster children.
  • Far From the Tree – This moving young adult novel explores themes of identity, family and belonging through the lives of three siblings separated at birth. This sensitive portrayal of siblings raised by different families allows the reader to empathize with their struggles through diverse experiences in the foster care system and beyond. 

There's a lot to enjoy when you journey through a new book. But have you or your children ever sat down to dream up what a book cover of your own would look like? Embrace your creativity and download this color sheet and design your own book cover. 

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