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Halliburton makes big impact in Houston

More and more, businesses are seeing the value in incorporating giving and volunteer opportunities into their employee programs. There are so many unique ways to align with a nonprofit that fits their corporate culture and passions and in January we’re highlighting a few of the companies that collaborate with Buckner in different, yet amazing ways to impact positive change in our communities. 

Meet Halliburton. They jumped into action to provide relief to the many impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston and Beaumont areas. They provided bottled water and helped in transporting families out of 18-inch waters in Beaumont to dry land at Camp Buckner.

When it comes to working with Halliburton, their numbers speak for themselves:

22,000 water bottles were gathered from Halliburton’s campus and delivered to the Buckner Family Hope Center at Aldine following Hurricane Harvey’s destruction in August 2017. They diverted their vendors all throughout Southeast Texas – Aldine, Houston, Conroe and Beaumont – to provide help.

Dozens of 18 wheelers were sent out on behalf of Halliburton full of supplies to serve the vulnerable children, families and seniors impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

18-inch waters from Hurricane Harvey put children and families in danger at the Assessment Center on the Buckner campus in Beaumont, and Halliburton helped in the efforts to safely transport them out of harm’s way in the middle of the night.

$150,000 raised from Halliburton in 2019 to go toward renovations and two 12-passenger vans at Aldine. 

Over 800 backpacks were gathered to support Buckner back-to-school events all across Houston

For Halliburton, supporting Buckner in Houston is natural. They feel like they truly know the families and clients we serve – and through these relationships, Halliburton loves to work beside Buckner through any challenge. 

While Halliburton may not identify with our services, they see the impact they can have on their own community by collaborating with us. In just over three years, the relationship between Buckner and Halliburton continues to thrive. 

Want to see how your business can collaborate with Buckner to provide change? 

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