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Living in the future, now

3D perspective on the future

In my first three blog posts on this topic, I’ve painted a picture of our demographic future that is multicultural, bilingual, and predominantly Hispanic (see below for links to past articles). More than 30 years ago, Peter Drucker said, “Demography is destiny.” Looking at the future in present tense is not rocket science. Our lives rotate at such a speed that we rarely take time to read the handwriting on the wall. Whether we take time to notice or not, the future is here already.

Carol Childress, who has done her share of demographic work in her career, reminded me recently of a line she read from Dr. Jim Denison on March 24, 2016, that said “The future significance of present obedience.” The core of this line is that what we do now in obedience to the Holy Spirit will have future significance. By implication, the opposite is also true. What we fail to obey now will impact the future as well. 

What would a servant leader do in response now? What would obedience now look like for the one who seeks the Kingdom of God on a regular basis?

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