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New Council Voices Goals

By Analiz González Schremmer

(DALLAS, Texas) — The Buckner Voice Council, a group in their 20s and 30s, announced their goal to recruit 1,000 new Voice donors in 2009.

Voice donors commit to donating at least $25 a month to support Buckner programs.

David Slover, executive vice president of the Buckner Foundation, said that the Voice Council was set up to “increase the ranks of a younger age group.

“We want to be able to reach out to a new generation who wants to connect with children and elders. Council members can connect with their peers through social networking sites and one-on-one interactions. We want young people to know that even though they might not be able to make very large donations, their donation of $25 dollars a month can change a life. And they can impact more lives by getting other people to make donations as well.”

He added that Buckner is excited about the energy and creative ideas that will come from this group.

Margaret Elizabeth Perry, who serves as chair for the Voice Council, said her life was altered by the people she has served through Buckner.

“I am exhilarated by the idea of sharing the names and stories of children I have met with my fellow ‘millenials’ and urging them to partner with Buckner to ‘speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves ...[to] defend the rights of the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:8-9),’” she said.

“It is my hope that through the Voice giving program the Council can create a movement among our generation to assume responsibility for the 145 million orphans by making monthly, financial commitments to Buckner.”

Katie Kilpatrick, Buckner donor development coordinator, said that the Voice Council help cultivate young adults who are already involved in Buckner service and ministries.

“The idea for the Voice Council has been stewing for a long time,” Kilpatrick said. “Many former interns and mission trip participants have fallen in love with serving orphans, but felt like they were limited in their ability to turn their passion into action that could change children's lives forever.

“Although most of our Voice Council members are in their 20s, starting their careers, they are seeking ways to give of their time and influence,” said Kilpatrick, 23. “It is important for us spread the word about the needs of the orphans we love so that we can all pitch in a little to provide for their everyday needs.

“Maybe later in life we'll be able to fund transition homes or even be adoptive families. But for right now we can make a big difference by being recruiters of many friends to the cause.”

To learn more about becoming a Voice for Buckner, visit www.buckner.org/voice.shtml.


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