Sen. Cornyn visits Family Hope Center

U.S. Senator John Cornyn of Texas visited the Buckner Family Hope Center in Penitas, Texas, in June, seeing firsthand the impact the ministry has on vulnerable families in the Rio Grande Valley.

During a trip to examine the recent surge of undocumented children and families crossing the Texas-Mexico border from Latin America,
Cornyn spent part of the day with Buckner officials and families in the area, including Buckner President and CEO Albert Reyes.

Cornyn toured the Family Hope Center, learning more about Buckner programs and how they strengthen families throughout the area. He then met two families served by the Hope Center and listened as they shared how the ministry has transformed their lives.

“We’re honored that Sen. Cornyn would take time to visit the Buckner Family Hope Center,” Reyes said. “Legislators make critical decisions that affect millions of people. By visiting with Buckner families, Sen. Cornyn was able to gather additional information about their situations, see how Buckner is helping and learn how he can work to make life better for all Texas families.”


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