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‘Serving God is not limited to your life circumstances’

LUBBOCK – Erika Ponce is no stranger to the obstacles single parents encounter. She was raised by her single mom, and several years ago she became a single parent herself. She knows all too well that single moms don’t have the same type of support and structure as other parents. So, she’s set out to help create that framework.

Erika serves as a volunteer at My Father’s House Lubbock, one of Buckner International’s family transition programs for single parents. It’s a way to pass on the blessings that have been bestowed upon her.

“Inheritance is something we receive, but a legacy is something we live,” she said. “I want to inspire women to live a legacy for God.”

Together with Kellye Sparkman, Erika started a Rick Warren Bible study at My Father’s House. Kellye participated in the Bible study at her church and was inspired to share the material with the women.

“Serving God is not limited to your life circumstances,” Erika explained. “No matter where you find yourself in life, you can always reach to and connect with God.”

The duo have created a safe place where My Father’s House moms can connect with each other and learn about the Bible while their children learn about God through crafts, songs and activities. Kellye and Erika arrange for volunteers and local businesses to donate dinner for those who come to the Bible study.

“I feel like each topic we’ve covered has either put light on something that I didn’t see before or was what I needed to hear at that point in my life,” said My Father’s House resident Anjelica Zermeno. “The Bible study has helped me allow God back in my life. I want my actions to speak louder to my daughter and I can’t do this without Him in my life.”

The Bible study provides guidance for how to deal with the stress, loneliness and crises that sometimes happen. Kellye sees God working in the lives of My Father’s House residents, which inspires her.

“I’ve learned so much by watching them go through storms,” Kellye said. “These women are amazing examples of perseverance and determination. And they, with the little that they have, are still willing to give to others, simplify their lives and live for the Lord.”

Erika and Kellye are eager to continue encouraging My Father’s House residents to build a relationship with God.

“I want to see them experience God’s love and for them to know that He is involved in every aspect of their lives, so they can continue on this journey, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up,” Kellye said. “I want to see every girl to walk out the door not just with a college degree and a job, but with a deeper faith in the Lord.”

Anita Morris is the summer communications intern for Buckner International.

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