Single mom found the running start she needed to change her family's life

Juggling a chaotic home life, struggling in school and raising her then 4-year-old son, Chanique Steele prayers were answered when she found Buckner Family Pathways in Houston.

On a hiatus from school and looking to get back in, she sought out her school’s advisor.

“I was telling her about the struggles of balancing everything and she shared about Buckner with me. She connected me with Family Pathways,”Chanique shared.

She described her home life as, “not horrible, but I wanted something more.” Chanique and her son, Dee, arrived at Family Pathways looking for stability and peace. They found that and more.

Dee and Chanique both found many friendships on campus and excelled in school.

“I was able to take [Dee] out of one environment and put him in one I thought was better. I feel like putting him in this environment that was calmer and less chaotic really helped him,” she said.

Chanique graduated from the Family Pathways program and after completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she also earned a master’s degree. Today, she is a registered behavioral therapist working alongside children with autism. Chanique credits Buckner with life skills she still relies on today such as showing her that balancing school, work and family is possible and how to have a strong work ethic.

“It’s not easy being in school full time with kids. The resources are there, and as long as you’re committed to the program and to bettering yourself, this can really give you a running start to a better life,” Chanique said. “Before Buckner, I told my grandmother that my mindset just wasn’t where it should be. I was looking at dropping out of school after flunking out that semester. And now, I don’t think I would’ve graduated if it weren’t for Buckner.”

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