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What Does it Mean to be a Voice?

Imagine moving your mouth, but having no sound come out. Not a very good feeling, is it? That’s what it’s like for millions of children around the world. No one hears them.

But through the Voice program of Buckner, you can speak for these children. When you choose to be a Voice, you are choosing to say you care. You are stepping up. Standing out. Doing something to make a difference.

Voice is a monthly giving program which allows you to donate $25 or more each month to the Buckner ministry of your choice. As a Voice donor, you’ll receive regular information about the ways your gifts are truly making a difference in the lives of the children Buckner serves. And while $25 a month doesn’t sound like a lot, it adds up. That’s $300 per year and in many countries served by Buckner, that’s as much as an entire family earns in one year.

It’s easy to make a difference when you do it month by month.

You can make sure the voices of at-risk and orphan children are heard. Sign up today to be a Voice for children around the world. Or join our cause on Facebook.

To learn more about the Voice program and other ways you can help support orphans and at-risk children, contact Buckner Foundation at 214-758-8068.

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