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What is involved with parenting a special needs child?

All kids are special. But some children have special needs that require parents to advocate for services or extra help because of a specific need or multiple special needs.

What are the different types of special needs in children? 

Special needs can include physical, emotional, developmental or sensory needs.

What are some of the different special needs in children? 

Specific special needs can include cerebral palsy, congenital health disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, autism, Down syndrome, sensory processing disorders, speech challenges and more.

Special needs children in foster care or waiting to be adopted 

Children in the Texas child welfare system who have special needs require families considering foster care or adoption to be prepared for helping kids who may need extra attention, therapy or the help of school resources. Some special needs can be compounded by the trauma associated with being separated from a biological parent.

Become an advocate for special needs children 

If you’re new to this level of research in your foster care and adoption journey, you must have a heart for advocacy. Waiting children in Texas can benefit from parent advocates. Why? The safety and stability of a new family may not be enough to care for all of a child’s needs, and depending on the child’s age, they may not be developmentally able to verbalize their needs or challenges holding them back from their full potential.

As a prospective foster or adoptive parent, it’s important you prepare yourself, your family and your heart for any physical, emotional, developmental or sensory challenges your child may have so you can best help them be successful and gain access to necessary resources. For children in a state’s child welfare system, your family may benefit from Medicaid financial assistance for needed therapy. Buckner also offers wraparound services for families during the foster and adoption process as well as postadoption services.

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