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Buckner programs serving families all over the world during COVID-19

The coronavirus has impacted nearly every continent across the globe and to minimize the effect of COVID-19, millions are sheltering in place. Social distancing and staying indoors looks different across countries, but one thing is still certain: Buckner programs are continuing to adapt to support families all over the globe. Below are some encouraging updates from a few of our locations.

Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, public transportation, events and public gatherings have been suspended in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The implementation of curfews and limiting movement from the home has created challenges for Buckner families who were vulnerable prior to the pandemic. To answer this need, Buckner has increased cleanings of all local buildings, provided MannaPacks to families in need, created masks and are in constant contact with families to provide support. 


Buckner staff is visiting families throughout the Kenya neighborhoods, educating and encouraging them to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They are also regularly calling to share information and check in on health, hand out sanitary towels and food supplements that will help them escape food insecurity during the pandemic.


In March, Peru’s president decreed a state of emergency and many poverty-stricken families are facing further crisis without the needs to endure quarantine safely. The Buckner Peru team has chosen to carry out various strategies to help provide support to these families. The support varies in donations of basic food, free drinking water supply with cistern and virtual consultations. With the suspension of all Buckner Family Hope Center activities in Peru, the staff decided to contact each family through phone calls. In Lima, Peru, Wilfredo and his family were greatly impacted by this call. 

Wilfredo and his family faced hopelessness, despair and fear as their daughter, Massiel, had developed a strong infection with sores on her face. Each day, it got worse. The nearest hospital had six staff test positive for COVID-19, and many more at risk. Wilfredo was too scared to take his 3-year-old daughter in to be checked out.

Buckner staff reached out to a pediatrician who confirmed the diagnosis: impetigo, a very contagious skin condition. With the newfound knowledge, Wilfredo and his wife, Katia, were able to pick up the prescription and within a few days, healing had begun. Not only was Massiel’s face healing, Wilfredo’s hopelessness was dissipating too. The gratefulness of the whole family spilled over every phone call to check in on the progress of the infection.

“Thank you very much, I don’t even know how to thank you for all the help, interest and care you’ve given us,” said Wilfredo. 

In Pamplona, Peru, one woman who was out of work began using her van to purchase groceries out of town and bringing them back to Pamplona. With the help of the Buckner Family Hope Center, she now parks near families’ homes so they can walk and purchase fresh groceries at a fair price. 

While Buckner families are facing isolation and uncertainty, staff is continuing to adapt and provide support through safe, healthy ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and ensure families endure the pandemic successfully. 

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